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What is cold-pressed juice?

Our juice is created using a hydraulic cold-pressed juicer (the mighty Norwalk!), which prevents any denaturation of enzymes, vitamins & minerals. Thousands of pounds of pressure is applied to help extract all of the juice. Other methods of juicing break down these beneficial properties due to heat and oxidation. All of our products are made in-house with fresh, natural ingredients & did we mention each juice contains 2-3 pounds of fruits & vegetables!?

What are the benefits of juicing?

The benefits of cold-pressed juice include glowing skin, increased energy, stronger immune system & feeling great from the inside out! Because the fiber is removed from the fruits and vegetables, our body absorbs and utilizes all of these nutrients immediately, giving our digestive system a break. It would be challenging to eat as many fruits + vegetables in one sitting as you can in one juice. It's also a convenient way to get all of these nutrients when we are all living busy lifestyles. 

What is the difference between juices and smoothies?

Both are great options - we believe in incorporating both into our routines. Smoothies contain all of the fiber and include ingredients such as bananas, avocados, dates and hemp seeds- ingredients that can't easily be juiced. Smoothies will keep you fuller longer and can easily be a meal replacement with the right ingredients. Juicing serves a different purpose, as it would be difficult to consume all of the raw fruits and vegetables that are in one juice. It's a more direct way for your body to absorb and use all of these nutrients.

Are you juices pasteurized?

No way! Our juices are raw, chilled and as close to their natural state as possible. Heat pasteurization extends the shelf life of the juice (found in grocery stores) and unfortunately this process kills off all of the live nutrients and beneficial enzymes.

What is the shelf life of Mountain Squeeze juice and does it need to be refrigerated?

Since our juices are unpasteurized, it’s best to enjoy the juice within 72 hours of opening it, which ensures the highest quality, health benefits and taste. Keep juice cool or refrigerated at all times.

Are your juices organic?

Mountain Squeeze sources ingredients from a combination of quality conventional, organic and local produce. We are committed to nourishing your body; you can count on us to always use high quality fruits and vegetables in your cold-pressed juice.